Military Custom Wooden Rudis Sword - Eagle - Campfire Arts

Military Custom Wooden Rudis Sword - Eagle

Campfire Arts presents its first custom Rudis sword. This unique handcrafted gift serves as a sign of pride in your soldier.  

The Rudis was fashioned after the Gladius, a sword that a Gladiator or soldier used. The Rudis was given to honor a faithful soldier on retirement of their service. Rudis swords can be customized with personal information, rank, unit, command, dates or even unit logos. 

This Gladius Rudis Sword is stained and made with the following materials:

  • Maple blade,
  • Mahogany Pommel and Cross guard
  • Genuine Leather wrapped handle


Production and Shipping:

Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00

Custom swords typically take between 1-2 weeks to make and up to a week to ship depending on location.  Need it faster?  Contact us to arrange for expedited shipping (additional fee) and current production schedule.

Product Dimensions:

Length - 29" Width - 4.25" Depth - .75"

Please Note:

This sword is a decoration only, it is not intended for use as a weapon.

This product is composed from real materials, we do our best to minimize variations in the wood but please understand that this is part of what makes these products so great and show’s that you're getting a real original, not a plastic souvenir.

Additional Engraving Options

  • Custom Engraving on the Back
  • Pommel Engraving
  • Cross Guard Engraving

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